Thursday, May 14, 2009

Is a Perfect Storm Brewing in the Pacific Ocean?

A perfect storm of ecological dangers could be brewing over the Pacific Ocean, one that if left unaddressed will bring disastrous results to the worlds environment and the economies of many nations.

Global warming, man made environmental pollution, and over fishing are a few of the elements of this storm which is approaching faster than many are willing to accept.

But now the scientific community has come together to speak with a single voice to a gathering of government officials at the World Ocean Conference in Manado, Indonesia. If they can find a receptive ear, and the public exerts enough pressure, we may be able to avert one of the greatest tragedies to ever face mankind.

Read about the report and keep up with the progress at Monterey Bay Aquarium Sea Notes.

These are serious issues that have been ignored by the worlds governments and it's people for far too long. The storm warnings are out, it's up to us to take action.

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