Sunday, April 12, 2009

Come and I Will Make You a Fisher of Men...

There is a book, written many years ago, by Lloyd C. Douglas entitled "The Big Fisherman". It is a novel surrounding the apostle Peter and the story of Jesus, a fictional account based on the information available in the Bible and a few other sources.

My father was so impressed with the story, and it's author, that he named me after the author, thus I became Douglas, or Doug to my friends.

As a result, since my beginning, my life has, in one way or another revolved around fishing, fish, and seafood.

My fondest memories are of fishing with my Dad, or my children, or their kids, or my friends, and the resulting meals afterward.

I just thought that today, being Easter Sunday, would be a good time to explain why seafood, and fishing is such a passion for me, and why I felt the need to write about it.

I am not a religious fanatic of any kind, many who know me might be surprised at the depth of my faith, but when Jesus said, "Come and I will make you a fisher of men.", I feel like I could have been one of those men, with ordinary lives, who were about to change the history of the world, while fishing.

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