Monday, April 6, 2009

Is It Kosher?

With Passover fast approaching I thought I should post what is required for a fish to be considered Kosher. The basic rule is a fish must have fins and scales, with the scales easily removable without damaging the skin of the fish.

However I thought I should seek out a more reliable source and found one at this site of, and reprint their description here:


"The Torah establishes two criteria to determine what are kosher fish. The fish must have fins and scales. The scales must be easily removable without damaging the skin. [Generally, scales on kosher fish are either thin, rounded and smooth-edged (cycloid) or narrow segments that are similar to teeth of a comb (ctenoid)]. All shellfish are prohibited. Unlike meat and poultry, fish requires no special preparation. Nonetheless, the fish scales must be visible to the consumer in order to establish the kosher status of the fish. Therefore, filleted or ground fish should not be purchased unless properly supervised, or the fillet has a skin tab with scales attached to the flesh. Furthermore, purchasing fish in a non-kosher fish store is problematic, even if the scales are intact, because the knives and tables are not kosher, and Rabbinic guidance should be sought.

Rabbinic law prohibits consumption of fish and meat together.

Processed and smoked fish products require reliable rabbinic supervision, as do all processed foods."

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