Monday, April 6, 2009

A Fish by Any Other Name...

Picked up on this article online from the Press and Journal out of Scotland.

A local market has decided to change the name of the fish called pollack to the name of Colin. They have done this to help customers who were too embarrassed to ask for the fish by name at the counter. Obviously pollack (known as pollock in the U.S.) has a similar spelling to a derogatory term used towards people from Poland. A pound of Colin anyone?

Pollock is a firm white fish that is an inexpensive alternative to cod. Most U.S. pollock comes from the sustainable fishery of Alaska, it is very abundant and used in many commercial seafood products from surimi (imitation crab), to fish sticks, and most fast food fish sandwiches.

The next time you have a recipe calling for cod, try the more cost and eco friendly alternative of pollock, just don't ask for Colin, he might not be working that day.

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